Tasks which can be done by non-Committee members

Tasks not allocated to a particular role and/or can be done by non-Committee members.

     Reviewed:   August 2021

These tasks are to be shared amongst Committee members or non-Committee members depending on location and time availability.   Two members could share a task, which provides backup in case of absence.


Write or visit the generous florist, Secret Garden, who provides our beautiful flowers, at the beginning of each year, advising all meeting dates and requesting ongoing assistance for the year.  Remind by phone 3 days before the meeting. Arrange for the pick-up of flowers on the Saturday prior to the meeting.


Submit information on the forthcoming SWAN meeting to Community Notices in local newspapers and/or a news article including speaker details and photo, at least 2-3 weeks prior to the Sunday meetings.  Provide photo credit if available.


Post Swan events and Social Justice items on Instagram, including celebration of various special days as per the calendar.

Website      Update the Website as required.

YouTube    Edit Zoom recordings to remove the initial section and anything after the questions of the speaker.  Load the video onto YouTube.   Load appropriate videos taken by others.  Add links to other appropriate sites in descriptions (or otherwise if possible).  Improve the site in line with SWAN values.

Flyer Notes / Newsletter

A newsletter is great, but notes to accompany the flyer about the speaker are fine.  A newsletter is encouraged in periods when face to face meetings are not possible due to Covid.   Past examples are available and suggestions of items to include are discussed at Committee.  Notice of meeting and all SWAN contact details and social media links should always be included.   A report of the most recent speaker is good and should be forwarded to the Website Co-ordinator for publishing.  Include forms for the AGM and notice of motion to approve the minutes of the Sunday meetings for the year in the notes for the September meeting.  5 times a year.   Perhaps 3-4 hours each time on average depending on how much news there is.


  • Create badges for new members as advised by Treasurer/Secretary and replace those where members have hand written them.  If you don’t have a colour printer, a supply of blank badges can be provided.   
  • Store the Badge case.
  • Ensure badges are in alphabetical order prior to the meeting (boxes are available to keep them in this order for transport) and laid out in this order at the meeting.   A reasonable size table or a couple of smaller ones will assist with this task.
  • Ensure the case is taken to the meeting either personally or delivered to someone who is going.
  • Collect badges at end of meeting. Packing them back into the boxes in alphabetical order makes it easier next time but is not vital.    
  • If not attending personally, advise the Facilitator that someone else will need to lay out and pack up badges.

Membership flyer – update prior to each meeting if required.  Print off 10 copies for the Share table.  If you don’t have a colour printer this could be emailed to someone who has (Erica perhaps) for printing.  5 times a year, or less if meetings are on Zoom.  Approximately 1 hour each time.

Raffle co-ordinator – See separate position description

Catering co-ordinator - See separate position description

Store items and ensure they are taken to each meeting:

100 cups – need to be dish-washed after the meeting.   These are packed into 6 plastic boxes which will stack for storage. 5 boxes (80 cups) are ample for meetings other than the most popular speakers.  One of these can be left unpacked unless required.

Audio system, power boards and extension leads– ensure all batteries are charged and system functions prior to each meeting.   Set up at the meeting

Coffee Urn – needs to be at the meeting by 9 am at the latest.  Either fill it with water, fill the strainer with coffee and turn on or advise the Facilitator that this needs to be done promptly so it can hot by 9.30.

A Frame sign – set up outside venue for each meeting and collect at the end.  This sign is quite heavy and a small trolley will assist.