Correspondence Secretary


    Reviewed:   August 2021

 Attend Admin Committee meetings (5) and Sunday meetings (5) as scheduled unless unavailable.

Assist with setting up and packing up hall equipment and SWAN equipment when available.

 Specific duties:

  • Purchase relevant stationery, postage etc.
  • Secure the Post Office Box key and regularly collect mail for the organization from PO Box at Mt Martha or ensure that someone who lives close does this.
  • Respond to mail and email in a timely manner
  • When correspondence contains news about some event or function, send an email to committee members to facilitate timely distribution of such information.
  • Maintain a record of correspondence inwards and outwards on behalf of the organization; use the USB for back-up and transfer to next incumbent.
  • Forward a list of inwards and outwards correspondence and emails to the Minutes Secretary for listing on the agenda for Committee meetings
  • Table correspondence which is to be discussed at the Committee meeting, unless this has been emailed to Committee members.
  • Select relevant correspondence for the share table at Sunday meetings
  • Purchase a small card and write a brief thank you note to the speaker.  Attach the card to the flowers if possible.
  • As per the Constitution: Maintain the register of members

(a)    for each current member:

(i)         the member's name;

(ii)         the address for notice last given by the member;

(iii)        the date of becoming a member;

(iv)        if the member is an associate member, a note to that effect; 

(no associate members at present)

(v)        any other information determined by the Committee; and

      (b) for each former member:

the date of ceasing to be a member.

 When there is a change of Secretary, register this change with Consumer Affairs Victoria within 14 days after appointment.   

After the AGM complete the online reporting requirements for Consumer Affairs Victoria with the assistance of the Treasurer.

 Approximate time involved:   5 hours per week.