Social Justice Actions

SWAN members have been involved in numerous activities, both as individuals and as a group, on a wide range of social justice issues that negatively impact individuals, groups and communities at a local, national and international level.

  SWAN members demonstrate against domestic and family  2020


These are some of the areas in which SWAN has been involved:

Advocacy against domestic and family violence

  • Supporting the cause of Heather Osland who was convicted of the murder of her violent and abusive husband.
  • Speakers including Irene Bolger, Phil Cleary, Dr Carolyn Taylor, Hannah Jay and Rosie Batty
  • Hosting Peninsula Forum at which several women spoke about local issues such as domestic violence, homelessness, palliative care and abuse.
  • Women Against Domestic Violence a public seminar co-presented with Chisholm TAFE students.
  • Domestic Violence Seminar, run by Mornington Peninsula Shire and actively supported by SWAN.

Supporting community empowerment

  • Increasing Women’s Participation in Community Settings conference
  • Mornington Peninsula Community Audit which sought input from and about citizens who were most vulnerable in their ability to access key decision-makers. The results helped to provide the necessary conditions and political support for MPSC to reorient it’s thinking from “roads and rates” to a more community focus as evidenced by the subsequent appointment of Social Planners and Community Development Officers.

Environmental issues on the Peninsula

  • Sharing the Wisdom Community Environmental Forum

Promoting multiculturalism

  • SWAN members played a leading role in MPS publication A just peninsula that acknowledged the work being done by local groups, and other initiatives to support people from non-English-speaking backgrounds, that promoted intercultural understanding.

Advocacy for asylum seekers and refugees

  • Public forum
  • Speakers including Julian Burnside, Nyadol Nyuon, Shen Narayanasamy, Judy Carroll and Katie Shafar

Challenging racial prejudice and discrimination

  • Debunking myths about Australian Islamic culture

Supporting First Nations people

  • Engagement and cultural awareness
  • NAIDOC week speakers
  • Advocacy and Forum on the Voice to Parliament referendum
  • Raising awareness amongst SWAN members

SWAN also held public meetings about wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.