Position Description: TREASURER

     Reviewed:   August 2021 in line with new Constitution 

  1. Following each Sunday event, ensure that the following floats are retained in the appropriate cash tins. These floats are retained between events.
    1. Door $20 in $1 and $2 coins, $70 in notes – perhaps $20 x 1 and $10 x 5.  Need to have change for a number of $50 notes.
    2. Raffle $5 in $1 coins
  2. Bank remaining proceeds of each Sunday event
  3. Pay approved and regular accounts. Small amounts for catering etc in cash from the proceeds of the meeting, larger amounts and payments to external bodies.  Ensure cheques are signed and electronic payments authorised by at least 2 committee members. 
  4. Post cheque or otherwise transfer funds for the agreed amount, currently $200, directly to the organisation the speaker nominates at each Sunday event.
  5. File receipts for accounts paid
  6. Issue receipts for money received in the name of the Association, other than for monies received from members in the normal course of a meeting, such as donations, unless a receipt is requested;
  7. Keep accurate records of income and expenditure and reconcile with bank balance. In doing this add cash payments back to the income and record the cash payments.
  8. Ensure that at least one other committee member (preferably the Secretary) has access to the accounts and financial records of the Association after each update.
  9. Present a Treasurer’s report for each committee meeting
  10. Produce an Annual Report for the Financial Year from 1 July to 30 June by the following 31 July
  11. Using this report, assist the Public Officer to complete the details required by Consumer Affairs Victoria.
  12. Present this report to the AGM held the following September.
  13. Attend Committee Meetings unless unavailable
  14. Assist with setting up and/or packing up hall equipment and SWAN equipment when available.