SWAN Donations and Bursaries

Between 2001 and 2022 SWAN donated in excess of $36,598. This includes direct member donations to Graduate Women Victoria for Bursaries, where we have records of these.

Most donations made by SWAN come from the donations made by members attending SWAN meetings. Minimal funds are spent on catering and administration. We thank Secret Garden in Mornington who generously donate the flowers presented to each guest speaker, who kindly gives up her Sunday morning to visit and provide us a stimulating talk.  A donation of $200 is also made to a charity of the speaker's choice (with the provision that it is a charity that supports women or social justice in some capacity).

A varying proportion of the bulk of the funds is put towards the SWAN Bursary and various organisations deemed appropriate by the Administration Committee.   

Here is a comprehensive list of SWAN donations  - SWAN Donation List


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2019 winner of the SWAN Bursary Robyn Oxley

Marilyn Robyn Val smaller