Donations by SWAN

Donations by SWAN in 2019


Nairm Marr Djambana                                                                               150.00

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre                                                           1,000.00

Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia                                                       1,000.00

Wellsprings for Women                                                                              150.00

Back to Back Theatre                                                                                 150.00

Australian Communities Foundation (Bursary contribution)                    2,000.00

Hagar Australia Overseas Aid Fund                                                           150.00

Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning (SAIL) Program                        150.00                                                                                                  

Total Donations                                                                                   $ 4,750.00

2019 winner of the SWAN Bursary Robyn Oxley

Marilyn Robyn Val smaller