Supporting First Nations group representative on SWAN Committee

 Position Description: Supporting First Nations group representative on SWAN Committee

    Reviewed:   August 2021

  •  Discuss with the SWAN Facilitator/Social Justice Co-ordinator matters related to First Nations concerns.
  • Report to SWAN Committee Meetings on the issues raised by the Supporting First Nations (SFN) group members.
  • Provide feedback from the SWAN Facilitator and Committee members to SFN in response to matters that they have raised.
  • Liaise between SWAN Committee and SFN members to identify appropriate actions that could be undertaken by SWAN and promoted to SWAN members.
  • Support the Speaker Coordinator with planning and logistics associated with SWAN’s NAIDOC week event.
  • In liaison with SFN, draft letters to politicians and others as necessary concerning First Nations issues.
  • Actively contribute to discussions within the SWAN Committee concerning organisational governance and management; the hosting of SWAN member meetings; and responding to social justice concerns raised by Committee members.

 Approximate Time Commitment (Hours)

  •  Liaison between SWAN Facilitator, Committee and SFN: 6 hrs/month
  • Prepare written reports, draft letters and SWAN member communications etc.: 4 hrs/mth
  • Support for Speaker Coordinator re NAIDOC week and follow-up: 4 hrs/year
  • Participate in SWAN Committee meetings, working groups and follow-up: 4 hrs/mth.