Minutes Secretary

Position Description: MINUTES SECRETARY

     Reviewed:   August 2021                                         

The Minutes Secretary is responsible for communication within the SWAN Committee


  • To take minutes at Committee meetings, record decisions and  highlight action required;  distribute as soon as possible
  • To prepare agendas in consultation with the Facilitator, to distribute  agendas and background papers for the committee
  • To keep official records such as the Constitution and policies  
  • Write minutes for each Sunday meeting (a requirement of the Constitution)
  • To prepare agendas, notices, and relevant paperwork for the annual AGM in conjunction with the Chairperson/Facilitator; read minutes of previous AGM and take minutes of current AGM
  • To forward relevant information to Website and Instagram coordinators as decided by Committee
  • Assist with setting up and packing up hall equipment and SWAN equipment when available.