Social Justice Co-ordinator


     Reviewed:   August 2021

  • Suggest possible Social Justice actions to Committee.
  • Receive suggestions for Social Justice actions, emails, etc from the Communications Secretary, special interest groups such as the Supporting First Nations group and others.
  • If the suggestion is in line with SWAN objectives and preferences, contact the Committee if necessary to gain their approval. Committee to set guidelines as to when this is necessary.
  • Write letters to politicians and others as necessary or review/amend letters written by others. Enlist assistance where necessary.
  • Send letters and appropriate copies or arrange for the Communications Secretary to do this, as agreed.
  • Record responses and report to Committee.
  • Facilitate actions such as street marches, films, dinners with the assistance of others as required.
  • Keep a list of campaigns and results for the website and newsletter/flyers.

 Approximate Time Commitment (Hours)

This is very variable and hard to estimate.   Perhaps 3 - 4 hours a week on average.