Position Description:   FACILITATOR


  There are a number of distinct areas of responsibility for this position.


1.         General Responsibility

  •  Ensure that SWAN in all its undertakings - Committee of management and all associated roles e.g. financial and administrative management, membership meetings, and required reporting and public involvement - fulfils all accountabilities and does so within the articulated values of SWAN.
  •  Point of contact for media, public comment, negotiation e.g. space, signing of funding submissions and reports where required. 
  •  The “support of Committee of Administration and Management “ part of the Facilitator’s role is to ensure and support other members to undertake their role.


2.         Committee of Management meeting facilitation


The role of the Facilitator is to ensure that meetings are fair and respectful, and in line with the constitution and values of SWAN. 


  1. Work with meeting secretary to develop the agenda
  2. Ensure a quorum is met
  3. Welcome and introduce guests
  4. Keep to timeline
  5. Prioritize and adhere to the agenda
  6. Facilitate discussion and encourage participation
  7. Make sure all opinions are heard
  8. Reflect, clarify and summarise discussion
  9. Assist the secretary by making sure they have time to take clear minutes and that decisions are clearly identified
  10. Minimize and control conflict
  11. Call for votes where applicable. 

 3.                Sunday Membership Meeting facilitation


The SWAN Facilitator hosts the membership meeting, and is also responsible for opening and closing down the venue e.g. ensuring the venue is clean, that all doors are locked and the alarm is activated.

 Prior to the meeting

  •  Check the running sheet
  • Source information for the share table and for information sharing
  • Check on other members – see if they are set for the meeting

 At the meeting


  • Work with the committee members to set up the venue, and achieve the tasks required e.g. audio, food, etc. Assist to set the room as required – see floor plan in Facilitator’s Folder.
  • Set up the speaker’s table with tablecloth etc
  • Set up the Rememberance /Acknowledgement candle If required
  • Set up flowers and gifts for speaker
  • Follow the running sheet for the meeting. A laminated running sheet for the AGM and general meetings is kept in the Facilitator's Folder in the Facilitator’s case.  You may need a notepad to make notes about specific issues.
  •  Assist with break down tasks. Check all Committee members are ok, ask general members to assist them with tasks if necessary etc. The Speaker Coordinator is responsible for greeting the speaker when they arrive, however the Facilitator should make a point of connecting.


End of the meeting

  •  Reset the room. Collect all material from the share table to distribute at the next meeting
  • Make sure all doors are closed and locked.
  • Secure and the building

 4.   Extra Tasks:


Meeting space Administration Meeting.

Contact the Mornington Library to book meeting time for the Committee on a bi-monthly basis


Meeting space for Sunday Membership Meetings.

Contact Council annually in early January to request the meeting space in Mornington. 


This cannot be done earlier simply because the electronic booking system is not available until the new year.  Contact person details are available.


Write or visit  the generous florist that provides our beautiful flowers, at the beginning of each year, noting all meeting dates and requesting ongoing assistance for the year.  Remind by phone 3 days before the meeting. Arrange for the pick -up of flowers on the day of the meeting.


Prior to each Meeting Day.

Check internet for any specific information for the share table.