Purchasing Role and Raffle

 Job Description: PURCHASING ROLE  &  RAFFLE




  •  Buy ‘universal’ book vouchers (able to be used at most bookshops) 
  •  Buy a card for the speaker coordinator to write on as a thank you to the Speaker.
  • Ensure there is tea, coffee, fruit juice and food for morning tea; (A notebook with an approximate list of what has been bought/consumed at each meeting is in the plastic box.
  • Ensure there are at least 3 raffle prizes; purchase if necessary; encourage appropriate donations from members and committee. Ideally raffle prizes are to be from or represent ethical or free trade sources.
  • Keep a record of expenditure (receipts) for reimbursement
  • Buy from ethical sources, and free trade whenever possible.


  •  Purchase raffle tickets (newsagent);
  • staple tickets together in packets of 3 tickets to be ‘sold’.
  • Cash box with float available from Treasurer on the day.
  • Ensure there are at least 3 prizes (see purchasing role)
  • Wrap prizes if appropriate
  • Keep basket used for draw and sign about ticket cost.