Catering Co-ordinator

Position Description:   CATERING CO-ORDINATOR

      Reviewed:   August 2021

  • Ensure there is tea, coffee, milk, sugar and food for morning tea;   A notebook with an approximate list of what has been bought/consumed at each meeting is in the plastic box.
  • Currently the Committee provides the urn, the coffee urn, extension leads, cups, containers for slops, both brew and instant coffee, pop sticks and the required Food Safety notices.  This arrangement may change by agreement.
  • Provide receipts for purchases to Treasurer to receive reimbursement.  This can be done on the Sunday if preferred.
  • Contact usual volunteers about their availability prior to the meeting.
  • Ensure all volunteers have a copy of the Food Handling procedure and are familiar with its contents.
  • Prior to the meeting advise the Facilitator if additional volunteers are needed or confirm that all is under control.
  • With your helpers, arrive about 8.30 am on the Sunday morning of a meeting to lay tables and lay out food.  Ensure required food provision, allergy, etc notices are displayed.   Clean up afterwards