Peninsula Health

Anne Johnston, a member of SWAN, is a Community contact for Peninsula Health.   She has provided the following news and is also able to take questions or information back to Peninsula Health from community members.    Please contact the Communications Secretary if you would like Anne to get in contact with you.

News - April 2018

Peninsula Health is developing a new model of care where a short procedure for miscarriage management is performed in an outpatient setting under oral sedation and a local anaesthetic block. Current worldwide evidence shows that this new approach offers a safe and effective choice to patients, eliminating the risks associated with general anaesthesia.

In addition, the same service will be able to provide outpatient hysteroscopy services for the urgent screening and assessment of abnormal bleeding, including the rapid diagnosis of endometrial cancer in patients at risk. The new service aims to reduce length of stay in hospital, unnecessary admissions, and recovery time, as well as offer an alternative treatment choice for patients.