September AGM 2018

Our 2018 AGM was a brief and cheerful event.  Thanks to our special guest speaker we had attracted a larger turn out than usual which resulted in a show of hands for volunteers to join the committee!  It is both heartening and humbling to see that there are so many women in our community who share similar values around the topic of social justice.    This is an exciting time for SWAN as we plan to move forward into the next year, with more events and opportunities to engage the community and a committee boosted with new blood, ideas and enthusiasm.  
Following our AGM we were delighted to welcome Gillian Triggs as our guest speaker.  Gillian enthralled us all with her stories and thoughts, and left us inspired to go out into the world and do our own bit to encourage justice and Fair Play.  Many thanks to Gillian for her generosity and inspiration.
IMG 0595