September 20th 2015

Date: Sunday, 20 September 2015
Location: Mornington Peninsula Shire Offices. Corner of Queen and Main Streets, Mornington


This meeting our guest will be Gabriella Bornstein who will speak about the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. of their core principles to Assist, Advocate for, Empower, Engage & Educate those seeking Asylum in Australia and some of the issues faced by the organisation.  

As always in September we will be holding our AGM.  The AGM will be brief and held before the speaker begins.

The doors will open at 09.30 for registration - $8.00  There will be a raffle, with tickets costing $1 for 3.  The proceeds will be collected with the entry fee to be distributed to a suitable worthy cause which will be voted upon at this AGM.

At this defining time of year, we are again concerned that we need to attract new members to the committee ..... Please DO NOT stop reading !  this applies to all of us, including YOU!  

As with most things in life ' many hands make light work'  and of course  there are certain obligations and tasks that require planning, and implementing, to keep SWAN viable. These tasks are not arduous but do require to be done if SWAN is to continue to survive.  Specific skills are a bonus, but usually rare in any of the areas that we contribute in.  We  help each other, and get through together.  It is also a great opportunity to learn a new skill!.    Earlier truly dedicated committee members, provided us with detailed instructions on the management of all aspects of  SWAN,  which undoubtedly makes life a lot easier for current committee members.    As there are 5 SWAN meetings annually, the committee meets for roughly 1-2 hours, an extra 5 times a year.  We are a friendly bunch and always looking for more enthusiastic, like minded women to join us in sharing the load.  If you feel able to contribute in any way large or small ( even collecting the mail 6 times a year, if unlike any of us currently, you live conveniently close to the postbox? ) we would make you feel very welcome and your contribution would be valued by all of us SWAN members!

 On the day there will be 'nomination slips'  at the registration desk for you to complete on your way in, or feel free to email us at  PLEASE think about it, talk to a current committee member,  email questions to our previously mentioned email address, and if you are still unable to help, perhaps you know of another member you could suggest?

Thankyou and lets all look toward a  new rejuvenated dynamic members committee, to spur us on and accompany us through 2016!  

see you at the front desk!