SWAN Bursaries

For the past few years, SWAN and individual members have donated money towards  a SWAN Bursary for a female student, whom without the extra financial assistance would be unable to commit to study.


At present we are getting the SWAN Scholarship underway under the direction of Graduate Women Victoria, (GWV) who were formally known as the 'Australian Federation of University Women Victoria'.  Their goal is to serve and empower women through education and advocacy locally, nationally and internationally.


On the GWV website (click this link to take you directly there http://gradwomenvic.org.au )  you will find all the information that you may need to explain the importance of this program, details of the scholarship programs, including the ‘Marilyn Godley scholarship for Indigenous students',  http://gradwomenvic.org.au/scholarships/marilyn-godley-scholarship-indigenous-students/  Which is the particular scholarship to which SWAN likes to contribute to annually.



GWV-Scholarship-Report-2015-.pdf   This link provides news of last year's scholarships given by Graduate Women Victoria, which gives some idea of the scope of the whole scheme of which we are a small part.


There are two methods that can be used to donate 

If you wish to pay online:

please use the form as explained below:-

  • Click on www.communityfoundation.org.au  Click on the blue "Donate Now" symbol on the left of the page
  • Click "sub Fund" and type in Graduate Women Victoria Donors Fund and it will pop up in the list and supply the appropriate cde number for the SWAN Scholarship
  • Click on Comments. Write "For the SWAN Scholarship"
  • Complete the form with your donation amount.
  • When you have finished, PLEASE email Margaret James email: margjames@bigpond.com so that your donation can be credited to the SWAN Scholarship

 Alternatively if paying by cheque:

Make your cheque out to :Australian Communities Foundation and attach to a printed donation form.  Please click on the following link to download the relevant form: GWV-scholarship-donation-form-.doc


 Again many thanks for your continued action for social justice, and what better way than support for education of women.


 Best wishes

Gwen White

Coordinator of the SWAN Scholarship Program