SWAN current and proposed model rules/constitution

Our current constitution is very old and based on the 1998 Model Rules.   Link follows.

Current rules based on 1998 Model Rules


Some special women put in a lot of effort to update these with a view to putting these to a vote at the 2013 AGM.  As we understand it, at the last minute it was discovered that the Model Rules, on which this draft had been based, had since been amended.  Considerable additional effort would have been required to ensure the draft was consistent with the amended Model Rules and this never proceeded.

Proposed SWAN Model Rules 2013 (PDF)


 2021 - The draft accessed by the following link is based on the 2012 Model Rules (the most recent version).   It has been amended as little as possible as this makes it easier  for the rules to be approved by Community Affairs Victoria.  Changes from the Model Rules are in red in this version so changes can be easily identified.   

It is hoped this version will be voted on at the SWAN Zoom meeting in March 2021.  Any input will be appreciated - please email Erica on churchill.erica@gmail.com or contact her on 0404 811 422.  Amendments were made to the first proposal after discussion at the September 2020 Zoom meeting.   This is due to the decision not to charge an entry fee but to just ask for a donation.  Changes made earlier to introduce "social events" have been removed in this version.

 Proposed new rules February 2021