Newsletter Editor



 The Newsletter editor liaises with the committee in preparing the newsletter, which comes out approximately 2-3 weeks before each SWAN meeting. Tasks are as follows:-

  • Attend committee meetings.
  • Liaise with the Guest Speaker Convenor who will forward biographical material and photos of the upcoming speaker.
  • Convenor and committee members will forward to the Editor news of any up-coming local events which could appropriately be items in the newsletter.
  • Each month a report of the previous meetings speaker is included.
  • The newsletter is prepared on Microsoft Publisher – Newsletter format. The same basic layout is used in each edition, with small changes in placement of articles, photos etc
  • Forward the newsletter to another Committee member for proofreading and comments.
  • Convert the completed/proof read newsletter from Publisher to a pdf and forward to the following people:
  1.  A generous SWAN member (Details supplied) for printing and distribution by mail.
  2.  Members Data base secretary for electronic distribution to members
  3.  SWAN website coordinator ( also include any extra relevant photos).
  4. The Correspondence Secretary for notification to the press ie Frankston Weekly and Mornington Leader (email addresses supplied)
  • Deliver or mail the printed newsletter labels generated by the Members database secretary to above mentioned SWAN member.

 SWAN Brochures

  • Update, revise and ensure printing of the SWAN brochure where necessary.

 AFUW SWAN Indigenous Bursary

  • Liaise with AFUW re requirements for the Bursary each year
  • Inform the members of information relating to the Bursary through the newsletter and bi-monthly meetings
  • Ensure that relevant materials are circulated for donation forms to be distributed.